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Getting Started

I woke up at 6:00 am today and decided I wanted to share my healthy life with everyone. HA!  My life can be so normal some days, others, are insane.  I make time for myself to work-out 5-6 days per week.  Running is my time that I use to clear my mind and relax.  I love the way any type of exercise makes me feel.   I prefer to work out in the morning, that way my mind is clear and focused for the rest of the day.  However, I find myself in the gym some days at 8, 9, or 10 pm too (better late than never).  My normal routine is coffee/checking emails, gym, everything else.



 I hate eating a lot early in the morning, especially before working out.  I try to eat something small and Larabars are my absolute favorite.  Coffee, Larabar, and a banana are the perfect trio to keep me going for my whole run.

I prefer to run out side, especially when I have long runs.  I love the fresh air and the change of scenery.  However, that is not an option right now; it’s only 14 degrees out in Michigan!

 Today’s Cardio Treadmill Work:

Mile                Speed

0-1                  7.0

1-1.5                7.3

1.5-2.5             7.5

2.5-3.5            7.9

3.5-4               8.5

4-5                  Alternate between 6.0 and 11.0 for a minute at a time

I completed this work out in 40 minutes.  I normally run a 7 – 7:30 average mile.  I had a slightly “easier” run today because it was a little longer than normal.  I like to change-up my run times, intervals, and running style to keep it interesting.  I get bored easily when I’m stuck inside.  This work out could be easily modified for intermediate runners.

After running, my days are all so different.  I’m either going into work (business calls), attending class (microbiology, dietetics, organic chemistry), executing promotions, running errands, cleaning my house, prepping for a photo shoot, renovating and decorating, studying, or checking my never-ending supply of emails. 

My husband and I recently bought a cute little brick house.   I LOVE IT!  Owing a home is intense, it’s either all fun, like decorating, or crazy like basements flooding and faulty door locks.   After years of renting and plain white walls, I can finally paint the walls whatever colors I would like.  I adore all of my colors; it gives the house character.  There is still so much to do, but I am excited to have a finished product that I did myself.

 Sneak Peak:

photo (1)

photo (2)

The rest of my day will consist of meeting, business calls, and promotions.  This weekend is going to be as insane as last weekend.  I have ten promotions, a photo shoot, and an exam on Monday I need to prep for.  COLLEGE life struggles 😉