I have a thing for eggs lately…

I have been eating vegetables and eggs at least once a day (sometimes for every meal) for two weeks! I chop up a bunch of different vegetables at the beginning of the week. Then, when I get hungry I throw some veggies in a pan and fry up an egg or two with it. IContinue reading “I have a thing for eggs lately…”

Meatless Monday Recipe (Only uses one pot and takes 20 minutes!)

I started my week of with a meat-less one pot dish that used up leftover vegetables I had in the fridge.  This was super easy to make and it turned out fabulous!  You could use whatever vegetables you have around or even add meat to this. One pot dishes are easily changed and easry to make.Continue reading “Meatless Monday Recipe (Only uses one pot and takes 20 minutes!)”

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

I decided to do a blog of some of this week’s meal prep.  I discovered it is pretty hard to make recipes for others to follow because I make 90% of my meals up in my head as I go.  That means I never measure or time anything (my husband finds this really annoying ha!). Continue reading “Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice”