Chicken Taco Soup

I spent my Saturday morning drinking coffee out of a spring mug (wishful thinking!), snuggling my baby, and making soup.   My cute little spring mug I found at HomeGoods. Hurry up spring! The baby 🙂 Chicken taco soup on a cold Saturday definitely hits the spot.  This soup has a great flavor, is packedContinue reading “Chicken Taco Soup”

Back to School Snacks

Well it has been a busy year with personal things that have happened.  Now I am back to school for the fall semester!!  I am finally a Dietetics Student and working toward my verification statement! I am happy to be back and keep my mind busy.  I am taking a few classes on campus thisContinue reading “Back to School Snacks”

I have a thing for eggs lately…

I have been eating vegetables and eggs at least once a day (sometimes for every meal) for two weeks! I chop up a bunch of different vegetables at the beginning of the week. Then, when I get hungry I throw some veggies in a pan and fry up an egg or two with it. IContinue reading “I have a thing for eggs lately…”